“ My paintings are formed by a range of abstracted and gestural processes that entwine ideas of figure and landscape within a composition.
The vibrant, expansive colour fields simultaneously fluctuate from existing as sections of landscapes or as close up renderings of the human form with no permanent fixation on either.

I often paint in ways to oppose specific, linear subject matter or direct narratives to stimulate a much more emotional response with each viewer. Painting with this approach allows individuals to reflect upon their own unique perceptions and experiences of the image. This is a way for each viewer to have more instinctive feelings in relation to the image.
The paintings exist on the cusp of being figurative as to encourage non-linear exploration, where the viewer responds much more to their own feelings, emotions and sensations rather than following specific, structured concepts or stories. The non-linear provides different ways for the viewer to read or navigate an image; such ways that are instinctive, challenging, empowering and energetic, which can result in greater relationships between viewer and image.

The paintings have a full-frontal immediacy through their visual intensity, yet to spend time exploring their surfaces is to see the numerous contradicting planes, fragments of ideas, blurs of colour, forms all in constant flux leading to a series of ideas unfolding within the images.
Each painting exists as a self-informing entity; The connotations and visual information is constantly growing, adapting and evoking new energies within each composition. The images are in continual tension, revealing everything and nothing all at once and over time. ”


Aidan Myers
Reference to texts by: Lydia Meehan (Artist & Writer), Dr Martyn Woodward (Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Art & Design)

Public Collections

2018 – ‘Resilience’ (NHS 70 – CAV/UHL) Llandough Hospital, Cardiff, Wales. Commissioned
2017 – ‘Helping Hands’ Heath Hospital, Cardiff, Wales. Commissioned
2014 – ‘Impetus’ Cardiff School of Art & Design, Llandaff, Wales. Commissioned
2014 – ‘Untitled’ Cardiff School of Art & Design, Llandaff, Wales. Purchased
2010 – ‘Are You Living The Dream?’ Totton College, Southampton, UK. Commissioned


2017 – Crickhowell Open Art, Oriel CRiC, First Place Prize, Wales
2017 – CSE Flash Fund Bursary, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales
2016 – Gane Trust Grant
2016 – CSE Flash Fund Bursary, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales
2013 – Dulcie Mayne Stephens Art Trust Travel Bursary
2011 – Fine Art Scholarship at Cardiff School of Art & Design


2018 – ‘Shell Heritage Commission’, Beaulieu Motor Museum, New Forest, UK. Shortlisted
2017 – ‘Adam Speaks’ project, National Trust Croome Park, Worcestershire, UK. Shortlisted.
2014 – ‘Secret Art Prize’, Curious Duke Gallery, London. Runner up.
2014 – ‘Graduate Art Prize’, Works in Print, London. Runner up.
2014 – ‘Blank Canvas Commission’, Clyde & Co, London. Shortlisted.


2018 – ‘Aamir Art House’, Coexist, Goa, India
2014-16 – ‘Incubation Space’, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff, Wales
2014 – ‘Art Hotel’, The Abacus, Cardiff Contemporary Festival, Cardiff, Wales


2011-14 – BA Hons Fine Art, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Wales
2010-11 – Foundation Art, Totton College, Southampton, UK