“ My paintings are formed by a range of abstracted and gestural processes that entwine ideas inspired by figure and landscape.

I often paint away from specific, linear subject matter or direct narratives; instead the paintings exist of the cusp of being figurative fluctuating simultaneously between sections of landscape or as a close up renderings of human forms with no permanent fixation on either. This approach to painting is concerned more with the non-linear rather than depicting specific elements as a way to for viewers to be more responsive to instinctive perceptions of the image informed by their own personal experiences; this can stimulate responses associated more with feeling and sensation.

The paintings have a full-frontal immediacy through their visual intensity, yet to spend time exploring their surfaces is to uncover the abundance of contradicting planes, fragments of ideas, blurs of colour all in continuous flux. This combines my instinctive mindset with intuitive approaches to painting.

Each painting exists as a self-informing entity where the connotations, tensions and overall visual information is constantly growing, shifting and adopting new energies within each composition. In one sense it can be considered that the images reveal everything and nothing all at once and over time. ”



Aidan Myers 2019
Reference to texts by: Lydia Meehan (Artist & Writer), Dr Martyn Woodward (Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Art & Design)

Solo Shows

2018 – The Sustainable Studio, ‘Labyrinth’, Cardiff, Wales
2017 – Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, ‘Small Works’ (for Shelter Cymru), Cardiff, Wales
2016 – Line Gallery (SVA), ‘New Matter’, Stroud, UK
2016 – Cardiff M.A.D.E, ‘Manoeuvred Matter’, Cardiff, Wales

Selected Group Shows

2019 – Blackwater Gallery, ‘The Journey Begins’, Cardiff, Wales
2018 – The National Eisteddfod of Wales, CAV/UHL, Cardiff, Wales
2018 – Hearth Gallery Llandough Hospital, ‘NHS 70’, Cardiff Wales
2017 – Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, ‘Elephants For Jude’ (for Mind Vale of Glamorgan), Cardiff, Wales
2017 – Cardiff M.A.D.E, ‘Winter Show’, Cardiff, Wales
2017 – Cardiff M.A.D.E, ‘Summer Open 2017’, Cardiff, Wales
2017 – Oriel CRiC, ‘Crickhowell Open Art’, Crickhowell, Wales
2017 – Boundary Art, ‘Birth/ Rebirth’, Cardiff, Wales
2016 – Curious Duke Gallery, ‘Insert Art Here’, London, UK
2015 – Kooywood Gallery, ‘New Blood’, Cardiff, Wales
2015 – Oriel CRiC, ‘Crickhowell Open Art’, Crickhowell, Wales
2015 – Cardiff M.A.D.E, ‘MADE from the Museum’, Cardiff, Wales
2015 – Penarth Pier Pavilion, ‘Staring at the Sea Contemporary Painting Wales’, Cardiff, Wales
2014 – Cardiff M.A.D.E, ‘Winter Show’, Cardiff, Wales
2014 – Works In Print, ‘Art Graduate Prize’, London, UK
2014 – Elysium Gallery, ‘A Portrait of the Artist as…’ BEEP Painting Prize, Swansea, Wales
2014 – Bargehouse Oxo Tower wharf, ‘Float Art London 2014’, London, UK
2014 – Curious Duke Gallery, ‘Secret Art Prize’, London, UK
2014 – Gate Arts Centre, ‘Outset’, Cardiff, Wales
2014 – Oriel CRiC, ‘Crickhowell Open Art’, Crickhowell, Wales
2014 – The Abacus, ‘Solve et Coagula’, Cardiff, Wales
2013 – Capitol Arcade Warehouse – Modern alchemists, ‘Autumn Show’, Cardiff, Wales
2013 – Milgi (Made in Roath), ‘Art in the Warehouse des refuses’, Cardiff, Wales
2013 – West Wharf Gallery Jacobs Market, ‘B I T no4’, Cardiff, Wales
2013 – Milgi, ‘Art in the Warehouse’, Cardiff, Wales
2012 – Capitol Arcade Warehouse – Modern alchemists, ‘Birth to Death and Hereafter’, Cardiff, Wales

Public Collections

2018 – ‘Resilience’ (NHS 70 – CAV/UHL) Llandough Hospital, Cardiff, Wales. Commissioned
2017 – ‘Helping Hands’ Heath Hospital, Cardiff, Wales. Commissioned
2014 – ‘Impetus’ Cardiff School of Art & Design, Llandaff, Wales. Commissioned
2014 – ‘Untitled’ Cardiff School of Art & Design, Llandaff, Wales. Purchased
2010 – ‘Are You Living The Dream?’ Totton College, Southampton, UK. Commissioned

There are private collections of work in: Wales, England, Scotland, Germany, USA, India, Hong Kong


2017 – Crickhowell Open Art, Oriel CRiC, First Place Prize, Wales
2017 – CSE Flash Fund Bursary, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales
2016 – Gane Trust Grant
2016 – CSE Flash Fund Bursary, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales
2013 – Dulcie Mayne Stephens Art Trust Travel Bursary
2011 – Fine Art Scholarship at Cardiff School of Art & Design


2018 – ‘Shell Heritage Commission’, Beaulieu Motor Museum, New Forest, UK. Shortlisted
2017 – ‘Adam Speaks’ project, National Trust Croome Park, Worcestershire, UK. Shortlisted.
2014 – ‘Secret Art Prize’, Curious Duke Gallery, London. Runner up.
2014 – ‘Graduate Art Prize’, Works in Print, London. Runner up.
2014 – ‘Blank Canvas Commission’, Clyde & Co, London. Shortlisted.


2018 – ‘Aamir Art House’, Coexist, Goa, India
2014-16 – ‘Incubation Space’, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff, Wales
2014 – ‘Art Hotel’, The Abacus, Cardiff Contemporary Festival, Cardiff, Wales


2011-14 – BA Hons Fine Art, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Wales
2010-11 – Foundation Art, Totton College, Southampton, UK